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Digital Portable X-Ray @at Home

X-Ray @ Your doorstep! No need to travel to any X-Ray center anymore with your broken bones or in pain, rather let us take all your pain and visit your home with the X-Ray machine to get your X-Ray done and get it checked and reported from a radiologist and send the report to you at your doorstep. An instant soft copy is given after taking the x-ray.

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Easy steps for a home X-Ray.

We provide high quality digital X-Ray at your home.

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Our experience team members reaches your home at the designated time.

Visit your home with the X-Ray machine to Patients X-Ray

X-Ray image & report sent to you and your doctor within an hour or so.

Hard copy of the X-Ray and report delivered to your home in few hours.

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X-ray at Home provides home visits for patients. For us, a home visit when required is not just a service but a sense of comfort for everyone: the doctor, the patient and the family members. We offer dependable portable xray service asper patient’s convenience at his home or office. During every procedure, we maintain the highest standard of healthcare practices.

At X-ray at Home, we understand the challenges that senior citizens face in terms of mobility. With that in mind, we have begun to offer services that combine customer focus with advanced technology. We provides X-ray facility at home in Mumbai – Churchgate to Virar, CST toNavi Mumbai, CST to Kalyan as well as Mumbai Metropolitan Region.This is a convenient, hassle-free service with a portable X-ray machine that is operated by well-qualified medical person

Portable X-Ray at Home is a boon for the elderly, the bed-ridden and the critically injured and ill people covering full Mumbai from Churchgate to Virar, CST to Navi Mumbai, CST to Kalyan and all over Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Now, forget the inconvenience of traveling to the X-Ray taking laboratories. Instead, the X-Ray unit will turn up at your home / office and besides your bedside!

In today’s time Health is wealth. When someone is nursing a broken limb or is diagnosed with something serious in the body anxiety rules the heart of the patient and their dear ones. To make matters worse, there is X-Ray examination to be done that demands your precious time and energy. However, you need not worry when Portable X-Ray at Home Services is just a call away. A great relief in these trying times, it is an excellent option if you are looking for portable x ray at home anywherein Mumbai, CST to Navi Mumbai or even CST to Kalyan.

Specializing in digital x-ray and armed with cutting-edge machines, we give you the fastest and most accurate report at your home. A name worth reckoning if you are looking for digital portable x ray services provider in Mumbai, Portable X-Ray Service at Home examines the patient in the comfort and convenience of their home/hospital. Whether it is a high-rise building where machines have to be transported through stairs or a critical patient who is bedridden, we come prepared to deal with every situation.

Every appointment that we make is a step towards easing your pain and offering a quick solution. What is more, we even take emergency calls on priority. All in all, we provide one of the best digital portable x ray service at home anywhere in Mumbai that will give you complete care in those critical circumstances. Reliable, rapid and reasonably priced, we can proudly say that we match the services of the best centers that offer portable x-ray services in Mumbai. Your convenience and care are our guiding principles and rule our operations every minute. So, next time you have to look for portable x-ray at Home service anywhere in Mumbai, just make a call to Portable X-Ray at Home Service. Help will reach you at the earliest.